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Mapper Instruction Guide

  1. <File><Connect>
    By default JavaMapper connects to all the sites and gets the real-time weather data for the sites. However in case for any reason the site does not connect, click on <File><Connect> to connect to the sites. This will force JavaMapper to connect to the sites again, get real time weather data from the sites and display the same on maps.

  2. <File><Units>
    Click on <File><Units> and a dialog box pops up allowing the user to Select the desired units for the weather data.

  3. <File><Exit>
    Exits from the Application.

  4. <Help><Contents>
    Displays help screen.

  5. <Help><About>
    Displays the "About" box.

  6. Zooming (Display Area)
    Click on any region in the "Display Area" except the "Location Hotspots" (location name) to zoom into any of the four quadrants. Click again in the quadrant to zoom out back to the original map.

  7. Metro Hotspot
    Click on the "Metro Hotspot" (location name without data) to zoom into the metro map. A Metro Map is a zoomed in version of the map of the location clicked. Click again within the Metro Map to zoom out back to the original map.

  8. Weather Parameters
    Click and select any of the Weather Parameters given in the drop-down list box on the maps. The data for these weather parameters will be displayed on the maps along with the site name.

  9. Location Weather Data (Display Area)
    Click on any of the "Location Hotspots" to pop up a dialog box showing all of the 11 Weather parameters for that particular location. If for any reason the location is not connected through the Internet to the site's server then a window pops up saying "Connect Failed".